21/06Episode #18

The team decided to take a break from film this week, which of course means that Fiona went right to the cinema and saw Julia's Eyes. Elroy and Matt however followed the rules and focused on television shows that they wanted to catch up on, which was the topic for this week: What we're watching on TV. The crew talked about the TV shows that have been renewed for another season, and a few that haven't been. This topic ran horrendously long though, so this episode strays from the usual format, in that the last half of the show is a single block which consists of mostly TV talk, and some release dates and feedback crammed awkwardly into the last few minutes of the show.

What's Renewed / What's Canceled (tv.com)
Infographic List of 3D films over history

Theme: Hyperdrive, by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu

14/06Episode #17

Matthew was unable to make the recording this week, so we sent out a distress flare to Zak Hepburn, who you may remember as being our guest on episode #11. Zak, Fiona and Elroy had all been to the cinema to see the new JJ Abrams / Steven Spielberg sci-fi/action/adventure flick Super 8. Elroy also watched a new Green Lantern DVD release, and Fiona and Zak compared their notes on the film Bridesmaids.

This week we also tackled the first of the recently collated listener suggested discussion topics: Great Films with Bad Endings! Turns out that a lot of listeners had a lot of films that they felt fit the category too!

Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA
The Madness of Mission 6 (Pac Man concept)
Zak’s blog!
Cult Vault (Facebook)