29/03Episode #06

It was a horror week for Australian cinema, Fiona hired a couple of horror dvds, Elroy was horrified by Red Riding Hood, and Matt let the side down by watching nothing but cooking shows. The highlight of the recording session for episode #06 were the scrumptious and overly indulgent cookies being baked by Matt’s partner - the resulting sugar rush could be to blame for the rant that the team go on regarding the state of film funding and tax-breaks in Australia. This episode also features a discussion on the work of George Lucas, which may or may not also be sugar fuelled too.

Music in this episode sourced from Ampeater Music
Theme: I am blank (Nothing) by J.E.L.L.i

22/03Episode #05

This week Remote Viewing achieves the huge milestone that is the fifth episode. Yup, that’s half way to making it to double figures! It’s also our first episode since going weekly and the team have all hit the cinemas and taken in a couple of the latest releases, including Battle: Los Angeles and Limitless. For some twisted reason Fiona springs the macabre discussion topic of “Animal Movies (in which the animals die) ” on the guys… and they play along, mostly out of fear for their own safety. Also discussed are the latest movie news and rumours, and some feedback takes us into video game and digital movie rental territory.

Music in this episode sourced from triplej
Theme: I am blank (Nothing) by J.E.L.L.i