15/02Episode #02

Episode 2 is here just to spite all those people who said it’d never last! Fiona talks about 127 hours, lets fly with her opinion of Sanctum and Elroy’s been watching some utter garbage. To celebrate Valentines day the team talk about their favourite Romantic movies — with a little help from some twitter friends — and, as always, they discuss some of the latest movie news and rumours, latest cinema release dates, and Matt continues his obsession with Liam Neeson.

Palace Cinema Westgarth: Cult Vault

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Tagged in this episode: Superman, Logan's Run, Sanctum, Valentines Day, Romantic Movies, 127 hours, Faster, Dwayne Johnson, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, Liam Neeson, Die Hard 5, Zoolander 2, Fantastic Voyage, Milli Vanilli
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