19/04Episode #09

*SPOILER WARNING FOR HARRY POTTER FANS* Elroy shoots his mouth off liberally with some information pertaining to the final chapter of the Harry Potter series (starting in the third chapter of the is episode) */SPOILER WARNING FOR HARRY POTTER FANS*

Filling in for our regular Fiona this week is a completely different Fiona, aka @Fican, owner/blogger for FiCan.net. Both irregular Fiona and regular Elroy saw Sucker Punch again this week and tackle some user feedback regarding the film, they both also watched the new Pegg/Frost feature, PAUL. Elroy parked on the couch to watch a new, bloodthirsty, Viking movie, Valhalla Rising. And Matt continued his streak of watching nothing but Boardwalk Empire.

This week's discussion topic is the 2011 (US) Summer Blockbuster Season.

(If anyone can) FiCan.net

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