28/08Episode #86

Technical difficulties have hampered the post production of this episode, but it’s here at last! Fiona, Brett, and Elroy come to the mics again to bang on about the stuff they’ve been reading, watching, and listening to! Fiona saw the documentary Being Evel. Elroy’s been watching Terra Nova (so that you don’t have to) and Mr Robot (which you really should be watching too!), and Brett has been reading Abomination, and Station 11. This episode also has a bonus discussion topic: Just deserts! The team take some feedback and discuss some occasions when characters have received the comeuppance they deserve!

Music in this episode provided by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu
Theme: Hyperdrive, by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu

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Tagged in this episode: Fantastic Four, Miff, Under the Skin, Abomination, Being Evel, The Devil at your Heals, Terra Nova, The Absorption Method, Station 11, Mr Robot, Humans
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