14/10Episode #88

The usual array of technical, social, and lackadaisical reasons have caused the delay of this episode's release. So late is it, that we don't even discuss the movie The Martian on it, because it hadn't even been released at the time we recorded this! We did however discuss a whole bunch of other stuff, and Fiona even left the house to see TWO movies in readiness for this episode! Elroy parked himself on the couch and caught up with a bunch of TV and movies, and Brett did what Brett does: read some books!

Music in this episode provided by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu
Theme: Hyperdrive, by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu

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Tagged in this episode: Fantastic Four, Entourage, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, John Wick, ex machine, unbreakable, blinky bill, two by two, self/less, Tomorrowland, Spring
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